About me? What to say ...

Well, I live in the south west of Scotland - have done all my life, although I've moved around in the same region. I have always been a reader and when I was about 11 or twelve years old I discovered the world of fantasy books, namely the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey and just fell in love with the genre!

Fast forward *mumble mumble* years and managing to purchase a rather lot of books - hint: every time I moved (and I moved a lot) my family would emphatically tell me they wouldn't help carry my boxes of books to the van - I decided to write my own.

Now, I have to admit, I have always loved writing and I think I started my first novel when I was sixteen and yes, I still have that unfinished manuscript, but I never had the self-discipline to sit down and take it seriously. Only when my children became old enough not to need refereeing did I start to think that maybe I should take it seriously.

I self-published the Space Rats books and a couple of others for children and YA to start with but still couldn't seem to get a regular publishing schedule sorted. Now, with several novels outlined and ready to get written it's time I knuckled down, since my children are adults now and no longer need my mothering services as much, I plan to publish regularly and build the writing career I've always wanted!

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