Thursday, 31 May 2018


The title sounds a little violent, doesn't it? Lol! Sorry about that! But that is exactly how I'm feeling about myself right now.

I decided that starting from this year I was going to take a couple of years to take my writing seriously and  try and get the foundations of a writing career set in place. I intended to write - and finish - a few books this year and next to give me a backlist.

But, through my own procrastination and self-sabotage I have managed to essentially waste the past five months. Five months I could have potentially had the first draft of a couple of novels done! *sigh* Doesn't help that I know it's all my own fault!

So, instead of wallowing in self-pity and wasting even more time I'm going to really knuckle down starting from the 1st June (tomorrow) and write as much as I possibly can. Any new TV shows or movies are just going to have to wait! : )

In order to keep motivated I will be putting up more vlogs on Youtube and I also have word count meters in the sidebar so everyone can see how I'm doing. I intend to use this blog more frequently just so I can record my progress although I warn you now, it quite possibly could be more of a whiny rant than a coherent post!

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