Monday, 26 March 2018

CAMPNANOWRIMO is upon us once more! I've decided (finally) on the project I want to work on. At first I was going to do a novella based on the characters in the novel I'm working on just now. It's part of a trilogy based on dragons and their riders and the novella I wanted to do would eventually be offered for free in my newsletter. However, I think it would be too confusing to work on seperate projects with the same characters - I would mess up and forget what story I was working on! : )

So, to make it completely different I've went for a Science Fiction with a splash of Horror - or maybe a deluge, depends how I feel at the time! Lol!

I've set up my cabin for my little Facebook group; I need to work on the details of my book and sort out my bullet journal then I'm good to go! : )