Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Halfway Through Nanowrimo!!

So, it's the 15th November and we are halfway through Nanowrimo! Woot, woot!! : ) Not doing as great as I wanted to be but on the other hand, I am getting back into the habit of writing every day. That's a bonus in my mind! : )

Got a great little community on Nano forums. I started a thread to get writing buddies and I've been trying to keep it active for the purpose of sounding out ideas or just motivating myself and others.

My novel is a YA novel about dragons because, well ... dragons! Lol! I realised I didn't really outline properly and I've been trying to plow onwards and not use it as an excuse to not do any writing that day. Not that I don't have  slew of excuses to use - 'I really need to wash the windows', 'I have no idea what this character is doing' or today's one which I think is a good one 'I started work at 3 this morning, I need a nap', as valid as it sounds it is just an excuse (okay, I had a nap but I'm still writing!).

My walk to work at 2.30 this morning looked like Silent Hill, very foggy and weird! Crappy pics follow -

Nanowrimo is a great way to get writing every day but it's even better for connecting you with other writers, which really makes a difference for that sense of group madness! So, thanks for reading and I'm off to write some more. Bye!!