Saturday, 7 October 2017

About time I put a post up!

So, you've made it to my blog. Unfortunately, I'm not a good blogger. I start off well and then other things catch my attention and my blogs (yes, I've had others) fall by the wayside and I end up abandoning it altogether. I'm hoping this time will be different.

I know ... 'famous last words' right? Well, this time I thought I'd try putting everything together under the one banner - Fantasy Scribbler. I write children's and YA under the name Jacqueline Kirk; my adult stuff under J M Kirk and hoping to write some fantasy romance under the pen name of Jacqueline Morgan. I use these names to make it clear what I am writing and to hopefully create a brand for each.

So Fantasy Scribbler seemed a good 'catch all' name for everything I want to do! I have self-published before - the Space Rats series - but that was mostly for fun tbh. Now I want to take it seriously and build up my own author platform until I am able to do this full time. Living the dream is the goal! : )

If anyone is interested in following along on my writing journey then please bookmark this blog or look for 'Fantasy Scribbler' on the likes of Youtube, Facebook etc ... or use the links at the side to save you time! : )

Now here's a picture of something cute -

This is my daughter's dog, Lamb. She's a little rescue dog from Romania that has somehow ended up in the south west of Scotland! Despite telling my daughter all responsibility is hers I still somehow manage to walk her quite often - funny how that happens! : )

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